#10 The mountain lakes
(370 kM)


from June 15 to October 31

Enjoy a contemplative and meditative adventure.
Searching for nature’s miracles.
Welcome to the Lacs itinerary.

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  • Landscape 90% 90%
  • Fooding 70% 70%
  • Distance 50% 50%
  • Activities 80% 80%

This itinerary leads straight to heaven.

Crossing wooded trails and meadows, fields of flowers and rare species, head off to discover of the most beautiful lakes of our mountains, well-known or hidden, with their magical reflections.

Landscapes of extraordinary beauty, surrounded by rocks and magnificent peaks.

A poetic and authentic trip, made for those who know how to dream.

The Map

7 days 7 nights, 370 km

An adventure between lakes and mountains. Searching for the most beautiful reflections. In between swimming, resting and deep contemplations.

Day 1


In the comfort of your van, head to the resort of Plaine Joux, located just opposite Mont Blanc. A natural hike through wooded trails will lead you to Lac Vert. At the foot of the Fitz range, this natural lake, edged with spruces, has reflections that will make you believe you are in wonderland.

Day 2


At the heart of Beaufortain, Hauteluce is a small mountain village, impossibly charming, with an astonishing view of the Mont Blanc massif. An ideal starting point to go discover the Lac de la Girotte. Originally a natural lake, in 1942 a dam with a spectacular architecture was erected around it in 1942. Its waters, which originate from the Tré la Tête glacier give it a fascinating milky appearance.

Day 3


Meet in the capital of the renowned “Beaufort” cheese and its sunny hamlets that mountain climber and novelist Roger Frison-Roche called “the slopes in the sun”. From the village, follow the direction to Barrage de Gittaz, where the lake by the same name lies, at an altitude of 1,500 m. An alternative route to Lac de Roselend, with the programme including the ascent to Rocher du Vent and its view overlooking the blue expanse below.

Day 4


Buzzing with life all year round, this authentic village, typical of the Beaufort area, leads to the Lac de Saint Guerin. An easy access hike that leads to a Himalayan footbridge to cross the Gorge du Poncellamont. Continue the walk in the direction of Lacs de la Tempête, at the heart of the screes. Embrace nature, in between pastures and rhododendrons, and discover 5 stunningly beautiful lakes.

Day 5


Nicknamed the capital of Reblochon, Thônes offers all summer activities: biking, mountain biking, paragliding and hiking. The main attraction of the region is the Lac des Confins in La Clusaz. A natural mountain lake coiled at the foot of the coombs of Aravis, among pastures and rocks, full of hiking trails and mountain bike trails.

Day 6


For an absolutely peaceful setting, head to Reposoir village. On the ascent to Col de la Colombière, the monastery of Reposoir (formerly Chartreuse du Reposoir, transformed into a Carmelitan convent and still home to a dozen Carmelites) dominates a small lake with a view of the Pointe Percée. Surrounded by firs, the lake contains large carp fish which is forbidden to fish.

Day 7


Back to Chamonix for the last day and night. Recommended van parking at Le Planet, a quiet, green area. And head off to Lac des Cheserys. Less well-known than its neighbour, Lac blanc, and less visited, this string of small lakes offer an exceptional view of Mont Blanc. Contemplation recommended until the sun sets.

The Other Map

Alternative road
4 days / 4 nights
« The Lacs itinerary »
210 km

The great tour of the lakes in 4 days and 4 nights starts in Hauteluce and the lake with the milky waters of La Girotte. The next day, continue to Beaufort with 2 lakes on the agenda (Barrage de la Gittaz and Lac de Roselend to admire from the Roche du Vent) and continue to Arêche Beaufort, where the Lac de Saint Guérin and Lacs de la Tempête await you. The third stop will be Thônes, where hikers meet at the Lac des Confins, and spend the afternoon at Lac du Reposoir before a last stop in Chamonix to take in a view of Mont Blanc from the Lac des Cheserys.



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