The Italian Lakes
(789 KM)

all seasons

Go from one bank to another of gardens in Palace.
Panoramic hikes, pre-alpine landscapes, Italian gastronomy and romantic villas.
Discover the Italian art of living.

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  • Landscape 80% 80%
  • Fooding 90% 90%
  • Distance 90% 90%
  • Activities 70% 70%

Bucolic, romantic, refined, the Italian lakes route is a delight.

From Lake Maggiore to Lake Garda via Lake Como, you will contemplate magnificent lake landscapes.

Push open the doors of elegant villas and superb gardens. An authentic and romantic trip, made for epicureans.

The Map

7 days 7 nights, 789 km

An adventure between lakes and palaces. Panoramic hikes, paths between villages and chapels. Between swimming, gastronomy and breathtaking views.

Day 1


On board your van, head towards Greyssoney-Saint-Jean, the ideal setting for admiring the Lyskamm glacier and the imposing Monte Rosa massif. The village is the starting point for hikes in the Vallée des Princes, the Vallée de Loo and the Col Ranzola. In winter, ice rink, Nordic skiing and small alpine ski area.

Day 2

Lac d’Orta

Go to the village of Orta, with its "piazza" lined with old houses and its port from where you embark for the gentle island of San Giulio. Orta San Giulio is the city of contemplation, a fascinating, intimate and mysterious place. Then head towards Lake Maggiore for a boat trip to the Borromean Islands. Do not miss a trip to the island "Isola Bella", a former small fishing village which now houses a Baroque palace and a magnificent garden.
On the shores of the lake, the rocks of Mottarone are reflected in Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta. They hide a true paradise for lovers of bouldering and vertical cliffs.

Day 3


Among the villages to visit on the shores of Lake Como, the third largest lake in Italy, let us mention Varenna or Menaggio. Do not miss the hike to the top of Monte Crocione, which begins at the foot of the mountain, near the lake, in Tremezzo. Visit Bellagio, the pearl of Lake Como. Stop off at Monte san Giorgio. Breathtaking view and sunset over the two branches of Lake Lugano.

Day 4


Surrounded by mountains, the glacial Lake Lugano is shared between the canton of Ticino, in Switzerland, and Lombardy, in Italy. In particular, you can take the funiculars that allow you to climb the emblematic mountains of Lugano - Monte San Salvatore and Monte Brè - as well as the cable car that leads to the Serpiano plateau.

Day 5


Mediterranean climate, palm and lemon trees grow everywhere in Locarno and give this tourist location a special charm. the Val Verzasca will seduce you with the emerald reflections of the river meandering through a landscape of cliffs. Arrived at Lavertezzo, the river threads its way under the bucolic double bridge of Ponte dei Salti. Descend into the river to bathe in the natural pools.

Day 6


More adventurous official trail: nearby there are other extraordinary waterfalls. The summer source is also accessible but only for the most trained climbers, who will also appreciate the possibility of taking a break at the Campo Tencia hut. Even further, river hikes near Rodi-Fiesso

Day 7


Hike to the lake and the Moiry dam. Discover the wealth of fauna and flora. The Moiry glacier is one of the most spectacular in the Alps. Grimentz and the nearby village of Saint-Jean have more than 100 km of marked mountain bike routes, from the beginners' course to the Grand Raid race course. In winter, the Grimentz ski area, above Bendolla, extends to almost 3000 m altitude

The Other Map

Alternative road
4 days / 4 nights
towards italien lakes
679 km

From Chamonix, head for Italy. After crossing the Mont-Blanc Tunnel, cross the Aosta Valley towards Lake Orta. Visit Orta San Giulio. The next morning, short tour of the Borromean Islands on Lake Maggiore then spend your second night at Lake Como. Visit Bellagio, then stop at Monte San Giorgio for the sunset overlooking the two branches of Lake Lugano.
Your last nights are on the shores of Lake Maggiore, starting with the discovery of Locarno. Swimming in the Val Verzasca then last night on the lake in Verbiana and return the next day via Martigny.



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