#6 mountain bike LOVERS
(307 KM)


from June 15 to December 15

Start with a VTT ride through meadows.
Delight in the scenery. And to end the day with a bath in a spa.
Welcome to the Leukerbad itinerary.

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  • Landscape 90% 90%
  • Fooding 70% 70%
  • Distance 50% 50%
  • Activities 80% 80%

The most beautiful stories start in Chamonix.

After the ecstasy of Mont Blanc and the Mer de Glace, the Swiss Valais offers its most beautiful green pastures and forests and makes us take deep breaths of freedom. Between twisty roads, legendary peaks, lakes and breathtaking views, the region enchants with its wildlife and authenticity.

VTT, ski and hiking lovers will not be disappointed. Ending the day relaxing at a spa will reward all your efforts.

The Map

7 days 7 nights, 307 km

A ride in a van to check out the peaks and tour the most beautiful mountain villages.

Day 1


Drive the van on the roads of Chamonix and take advantage of the spring weather to go climbing, walk on the Mer de Glace glacier, or go rafting… Find the right spot for the night and fill your lungs with freedom as you start walking from Martigny: a Swiss mountain village where life is always good.

Day 2


After a good night’s sleep, head towards the charming hamlet of Arbarey, an ideal area for walking across pastures, meadows and orchards. Follow the countless twists and turns to reach the legendary mountain pass of Lein. A scenic starting point for a hike on the Bisse de Saxon, a historical irrigation canal that runs through unspoilt landscapes.

Day 3


Heading towards Vex, a village located at one end of the Val d’Hérens, approximately 850 m. Leave the van for the night and run and see the Dent Blanche, a pyramid shaped mountain peaking at over 4358 m. There are several hikes suggested in the Val d’Hérémence, a large valley across pastures and villages.

Day 4


Go straight to Arolla, a village loaded with charm, perched at an altitude of 2,000 m at the foot of the most beautiful peaks (Pigne, Aiguille de la Tsa, Mont Collon). A family ski resort, the village is also the starting point of the region’s most stunning trails, ideal to encounter ibexes, chamois and marmots, some of which lead to the Lac des Dix and its turquoise water.

Day 5


Also called Loeche-les-bains, this Alpine and cross-country skiing resort holds a treasure: outdoor thermal baths, dating back to the Roman era, perfect after sports and hikes. The resort also offers a few picturesque trails. To discover: The pastures of Majing and of Flüe.

Day 6


On the way to the Col de la Forclaz, the mountain village of Trient offers the perfect change of scenery. Besides the pink church that deserves a visit, the place is worth seeing for its natural and wild scenery, its climbing sites, mountain bike trails and picturesque walks.
Our favourite trail: the walk along the Bisse du Trient.

Day 7


After the wildlife, back to Chamonix for the last stop. An unmissable picture postcard view of Mont Blanc and night under the stars before going back to reality. Take a Spa in Chamonix’QC therms

The Other Map

Alternative road
4 days / 4 nights
towards Leukerbad
325 km

From Chamonix, drive through Martigny and head towards the hamlet of Arbarey, climb the Col du Lein, treat yourself to a romantic walk on the Bisse de Saxon, enjoy the pastures and hiking through meadows. Make sure you see Arolla, a wonder at the foot of the most spectacular peaks and stop by Lac des Dix before finally reaching Leukerbad, for a rejuvenating bath in the resort’s hot springs. End on a high note under the stars in Chamonix.



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