The øberwild,


Because you dream of wild adventures. You aren’t afraid of anything. You dream of exploring hidden mountain faces, forests and valleys. With you in mind, we named our first van: the øberwild.

Designed to carry up to 4 passengers, this van is fitted with a ground-level bedroom and a second bedroom with a folding roof (for 2) for some elevated shut-eye. Equipped by nomadic travel experts, it provides all the essentials—and so much more—to share incredible moments together: kitchen, connected living room, bathroom, etc.

Custom-made, from the woodwork to the upholstery, by craftspeople in Isère, experts in tour buses and furnished vans, the øberwild vans offer a minimalist and modular design so you can be one with nature. Exterior: mat metallic blue covering and compact design. Interior: furnishings made from sand-coloured natural materials and bamboo wood.

le wild dreamer
le wild dreamer

THE øberwild,  campervan for 4 people :

For wild adventures. It will allow you to go on a road-trip with your family . Enjoy the “van life” in luxury and complete serenity!

4 passengers

The øberwild campervan is perfectly equipped to accommodate 4 adventurers.


Fitted with a Diesel heater with a 200Ah lithium battery, the øberwild  keeps the living space at a comfortable temperature, even under extreme conditions. Two heating units, located under the seat and in the cargo area, disperse heat throughout all the interior spaces. Use the touchpad thermostat to set the temperature and fan speed just the way you like. 


Dogs of all origins, breeds, shapes and sizes are welcome aboard. So are all your other four-legged friends accustomed to travelling.


The øberwild campervan features 2 bedrooms. On the ground-level, the bed with 190X140 cm mattress will have you sleeping soundly. The second bed is located on the upper level under the Sky‑Up elevated roof, with a 190×140 cm mattress. Like a hotel, each room features high-end bedding including coton satin sheets, soft duvets, pillows, fitted sheets and pillow cases, for a heavenly slumber.


At less than 3 metres high, the compact øberwild campervan can be parked just about anywhere, so you can easily scope out the most stunning sites to set up camp for the night. To ensure your driving pleasure, the van features a raised suspension, all-terrain tyres, snow tyres and high-end chains in the winter, an air conditioning system, and more. You’re prepared to face the elements, day or night.



With its rotating front passenger seats, the øberwild campervan transforms into a living room. In addition to the free onboard WiFi, each van includes a digital tablet loaded with films and series on demand through apps like Universciné and Netflix, starry sessions via Sky View, nature lessons with Peak Finder, daily weather updates with Weather Pro, and more. 


Equipped with yoga mats, each van invites its passengers to relax or meditate immersed in the most beautiful landscapes. Whether at the top of a peak, on the bank of a river or lakeside, the choice is yours! Enjoy the beauty and let go: try the online Yoga Class app.


To help keep your bohemian life tidy, the øberwild campervan provides optimised storage spaces. Adapted to each adventure (hiking, skiing, luge, etc.), a heated, watertight boot hidden under the main bed is the perfect place to slide in your skis or snowboard. In the living room and bedroom, drawers, cupboards, closets and shelves are provided to store your personal items. A digicode safe is also available to keep your valuables secure.


Make a homemade meal, try a spontaneous midnight recipe, split a raclette with your friends: the øberwild campervan offers a fully equipped kitchen including a sink, gas cooktop, coffee maker, kettle, fridge and dishware. For sunny days, enjoy the gas barbecue (optional, delivered with its canisters) and grill up the perfect steak or fish filet in the great outdoors. A foldable table and awning adds another adjacent room.


Before each departure, the the øberwild team recommends stocking the fridge with the best mountain products. On the menu: farm products, pure blend coffee grains, and a selection of premium teas.


Our philosophy: you don’t have to sacrifice self-care to live in the wild. Designed with natural stone leaf, the øberwild campervan shower offers the ideal setting to freshen up, and the plate heat exchanger guarantees hot water uninterrupted. For a touch of luxury, the bath linens and Snoweternelle bio beauty products are provided. We care about the environment. So, to avoid wasting water, we installed a dry toilet on a sliding drawer in the shower.


Model: Fiat Ducato L3H2 (year 2020)
Number of seats: 4
Dimensions: H 3 m X L 5.99 m X W 2.05 m
Maximum loaded weight: 3,500 kg
Sleeping places: 4 – 2 double beds (140 cm x 190 cm)
Boot: H 91.5 cm x L 137 cm x D 123.5 cm
Engine: 180 cv (Diesel)
Fuel tank: 90 L
Average fuel consumption: 6.70 L / 100 km
CO2: 178 g / km
Water tank: 90 L fresh water – 90 L waste water with dashboard alert system to advise when to empty

Gearbox: Automatic – 9 speeds
Battery: 200 Ah
Safety: Airbag XXX
Driving: Cruise control / Integrated GPS / Reversing camera / Hands‑free phone system / Power steering / CarPlay stereo compatible with iPhone and Android
Heat: central diesel equipped with ventilated heating units for optimal distribution
Air conditioning: manual with the vehicle


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