(250 KM)


from June 15 to October 31

Across France and Italy. Go from mountain passes to valleys.
Discover yourself and take the most fantastic photos.
Welcome to the Cormet de Roselend itinerary.

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  • Landscape 90% 90%
  • Fooding 70% 70%
  • Distance 50% 50%
  • Activities 80% 80%

A road trip that begins in paradise, in a nature reserve over which the bearded vulture soars, a fascinating bird of the Chamonix Valley. Admire the most stunning mountain lakes ranging from turquoise to emerald, chalets taken straight from post cards, and green mountain pastures. This itinerary is pure magic.

On the menu once again: take an emotional journey across mythical mountain ranges and Tour de France legends, take in triumphant views of the mountain and, finally, reach for the sky, or the stars.

Just one step from the Chamonix Valley to Italy’s Aosta Valley. The charm of Italy and the beauty of France merge in a joyous union.

Consult the opening hours and calculate your passage through the Mont Blanc tunnel: www.tunnelmb.net

The Map

7 days 7 nights, 250 km

Explore the most renowned valleys and mountain ranges, and uncover all their mythical mysteries.

Beauty is everywhere.

Day 1

passy plaine joux

The adventure begins at 1,350 metres, in Passy Plaine-Joux, on the south side of the Chamonix Valley. From the nature reserve’s protected mountain pastures and rock formations to the infamous emerald lake, the site offers some truly exceptional hikes. Sure-fire winners: The désert de Platé and the Dérochoir.

Day 2

Le Bargy

For the second night, head for Vallée de l’Arve and the historic monastery of Chartreuse du Reposoir, today occupied by about 20 Carmelite nuns. Than follow up your visit with a tour at the Lac Bénit, at the bottom of La Chaîne du Bargy. It’s a climbing spot. For an alternative hike, set off from Lac Bénit to Petit Bargy or Grand Bargy, with sky-high crossing and breathtaking views.

Day 3

Col des Aravis

Col des Aravis is a must-see crossing on the legendary Route des Grandes Alpes. As a bridge between La Clusaz in Haute-Savoie and La Giettaz in Savoie, it is worth the detour for its clear view of Mont Blanc, stunning pastures and its small mountain chapel. In the early morning hours, follow along Notre-Dame-de-Bellecombe and enjoy a hike. Our tip for the day: the Lac and la Pointe de Tardevant.

Day 4


Take a break in Beaufort, the cheese capital. Be sure to stock your van’s fridge before heading to Arêches-Beaufort. Beautiful chalets are scattered all over the slopes of this authentic, over 100-year-old mountain village. Here, the cows are happy year round, and its hiking trails are some of the most beautiful in the world.
Must-see trails: Hike to the Roche Parstire or another option: the Marcot leisure center for children

Cormet de Roselend
Day 5

Cormet de Roselend

Located near Italy along the Grandes Alpes tourist route, this mountain range sits at 1,968 metres and is a familiar site for Tour de France cyclists. It happens to be one of the most beautiful ranges in the Alps. Like a mirage, the turquoise waters of Roselend Lake (western side) make for a heavenly place to park your van. For the best day hikes, head for Chapieux or Col du Petit-Saint-Bernard.

Day 6

la Thuile

Welcome to Italy! For the 7th night, enjoy an ideal stopover in La Thuile and a place called Le Riondet. This stunning location sits between the Aosta Valley and the Mont Blanc Valley. From Lac d’Arpy in Colle San Carlo to Val Veny, enjoy the most beautiful hikes. Our tip for the day: La Roche
du Guet or the Mont Rochefort.

Day 7


Congratulations from all of us at ØBERDREAM VAN STORIES! The journey to paradise concludes in Chamonix. Consider pulling an all-nighter under the stars, and dream of coming back as soon as possible. Take your final morning hike before returning the van.

The Other Map

Alternative Road
4 days / 4 nights
To « Val Veny »
246 km

After a first hike to Chartreuse du Reposoir, the journey begins in the high peaks of the Col des Aravis mountain range. Part of the Tour de France route, the mountain landscape is taken straight from a post card and features memorable hikes from Notre-Dame-de-Bellecombe and Arêches-Beaufort. The experience continues to the Cormet de Roselend mountain range and its magical lake, with hikes from Les Chapieux, La Rosière and Col du Petit Saint-Bernard. Spend an Italian night in La Thuile and enjoy day hikes from Colle San Carlo and Val Veny before concluding your beautiful journey with a final stop in Chamonix.



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