#5 ski and hikes,
the valais' pearls
(376 km)

all seasons

The Alps’ pearl, the charm of Switzerland is a few steps away.
Rare authenticity, wild beauty and magnificent views.
Welcome to the Saas Fee itinerary.

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  • Landscape 90% 90%
  • Fooding 70% 70%
  • Distance 50% 50%
  • Activities 80% 80%

Switzerland charms every time. In the van, indulge yourself and take it easy.

On the menu:
strolling around villages, always authentic and romantic, tasting the local traditions, crossing passes and mountain roads… Make the most of your freedom, run across pastures, look for the most beautiful reflections on the lakes, look for breathtaking views (you’ll be spoilt for choice in Switzerland).

From the highest peaks, you’ll be whizzing down ski trails and crossing the most stunning hiking trails, without forgetting to contemplate the world and forget the rest.

The Map

7 days 7 nights, 376 km

Treat yourself to pure change of scenery. Do not think of anything except indulging yourself. Breathe. Meditate. Dream. Here’s the programme.

Day 1


Your van keys in your pocket, go for walk in Switzerland. A 45-minute drive and arrival in Martigny, canton of Valais. Take your pick from rivers, lakes, meadows, panoramic views, footpaths or biking trails… Carpe Diem ! Back to Cham’ for the night and wake up facing Mont Blanc.

Day 2

Val d’Hérémence

An authentic corner of paradise in Switzerland and the ideal place to park your van. Crossed by a river, surrounded by unspoilt nature and traditional villages, and opening onto an artificial lake, we are on another planet. Favourite hike: le Pas du Chat.

Day 3


Overhung by the Dent Blanche (4,358 m), the small village of Evolène with a mountain village atmosphere is a starting point for hiking lovers. Heading towards the Val d’Hérens, a concentrate of wild nature in which to walk among lakes, rivers, meadows and forests. Promised encounter with the Hérens, a unique breed of cattle, and finally a raclette. Suggested itinerary: Arolla – le refuge de Prarayer.

Day 4


A romantic atmosphere pervades these mountains. With its sunny exposure, this village, among the highest in Europe (2,000 m), has seen writers, artists and intellectuals – Ella Maillard, Edouard Ravel and Frederick von Zeppelin to name a few. Spend the night here and go on one of the trails of the Val d’Anniviers, the lake of Moiry with Vin des Glaciers wine to taste upon arrival.

Day 5

Saas Fee

Starting from Chandolin, drive towards Grimentz, a jewel of the Swiss Alps, perfect for skiing and strolling. Lined with wooden chalets darkened by the sun, the main street is decorated with geraniums and the Vin des Glaciers is drunk here all year round. Continue towards Saas Fee, a commune surrounded by peaks over 4,000 m high, where you can ski, walk, climb and sleep. Top hikes: Le sentier des Chamois.

Les bains de Saillons
Day 6

SAILLON ou col du sanetsch

It’s winter, destination Saillon, a commune that inspired Gustave Courbet, where a source of warm water flows into the river. In the summer, go to the Sanetsch Pass, surrounded by high-altitude pastures. Alone in the world at 2,250 m with a gift: an absolutely beautiful lake.

Day 7


On the road to Chamonix, you need to stop in Martigny, Switzerland. A town at the bottom of the valley, where you can admire the terraced vineyards, look for the rare Pheasant’s eye (Adonis vernalis) flower, enjoy the freshness of the Durnand gorges, bump into deer and roe deer, fish, etc. Back to Chamonix for the night and enjoy a last shot of Mont Blanc.

The Other Map

Alternative road
4 days / 4 nights
towards the Val d’Hérens
195 km

The trip always starts in Chamonix and on the itinerary are unmissable views of Mont Blanc, hikes during the day and nights under the stars. Leave for Switzerland the next day with a stop in Martigny with its terraced vineyards and don’t miss Val d’Hémérence. Explore the heart of wild nature and make the astonishing discovery of the world’s highest dam: the Grande Dixence. Day 3: change of scenery in Evolène, a mountain village and timeless nature interlude in the Val d’Hérens. Back to Chamonix for the last night.



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